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Stucco Wall

man puting stucco on the wall

If you’re looking for the best stucco contractor in Boca Raton, Florida, Stucco Contractors Boca Raton Pros is arguably the best of them all. We are well vast in the art of stucco installation for your walls. We are capable of doing a quality job on both your interior and exterior walls. We will make recommendations as to the type of stucco that will be suitable for the interior and the exterior of the buildings. When it also comes to choosing the color and design for the stucco, you can count on us to be innovative with our ideas. With us, you get a full package, which is why you should contact us today.

Uses Of A Stucco On A Wall

Stucco is a form of a coating on a wall as it is used both for the insulation and protection of the wall of a building and to generally beautify a building. Stucco has its aggregate, which must be appropriately mixed to get the desired result. It is used as a form of paint coating which protects the wall. Most people use it because it has insulating features which allow for the preservation of energy as it does not allow air to infiltrate the building. The different aggregates for stucco depend on the type of stucco you want to use. At Stucco Boca Raton Pros, our knowledge of stucco allows us to give you trusted recommendations on the type of materials to use and the type of design to use.

Traditional Stucco

The traditional stucco is a type of stucco made of water, sand and lime. It is the type of stucco that has been used before the advent of synthetic stucco, which is also known as the modern stucco. Stucco is known to be durable as it can last for decades. It also has water-resistant and insulating features that can serve your building for a long time. The lime in a traditional stucco is added to it can have increased permeability. When you decide to go for traditional stucco, and you’re wondering who can help you with the best installation services in Boca Raton, contact us at Stucco Contractors Boca Raton Pros. We are your best bet.

Modern Day Stucco

Modern-day stucco is also gotten from sand, lime, water and Portland cement. The difference with traditional stucco is that you can add other elements to the mix to get the desired outcome for your wall. Some of the other elements added are synthetic acrylics and fibers. These elements, which are additives, give the modern stucco flexibility and strength. It is this flexibility that allows it to be shaped into whatever design that will be suitable for your building. One advantage modern stucco has over traditional stucco is that it can be applied as a finish layer and a one-base layer.

Our Stucco Wall Installation Services

Our stucco wall installation services are open to the people of Boca Raton, Florida, and it is pocket friendly for anyone that wants to install stucco on his wall. We combine the use of high-quality materials and experienced staff to give you the desired stucco wall.

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