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Stucco Siding

man installing a stucco

Siding is a type of finishing that is used on a building, and stucco is one of the materials that can be used. If you decide to opt for a stucco siding finish, you can call on us as we are one of the best stucco contractors in Boca Raton, Florida. Our staff operate a high standard service delivery procedure that ensures quality materials are used, and the latest installation techniques are employed in the installation of stucco siding for the exterior of your building. We deliver on the quality services we promise when you contact us.

What Is A Siding?

A siding is a type of building material that is used in building construction for both utilitarian and aesthetic purpose. It is used to protect the exterior of a building from harsh weather and other elements that may depreciate the quality of the building materials used. Siding is traditionally made from wood, but in modern times an alternative to wood now exists. This new alternative is made of polyvinyl fluoride and aluminum, which gives them a low maintenance requirement.

What Is Stucco Siding?

Stucco can also be used as a siding for the exterior of your building without it losing its purpose and features. Stucco is made from aggregates such as water, Portland cement, lime and other additives that enable it to achieve the desired outcome. Stucco is an insulating element that is used to protect the wall, which makes it a preferred siding choice for the exterior of your building. It can be applied on concrete wood or metal. It has aesthetic advantages, especially for modern building owners that like to pay attention to the aesthetic appearance of their building. Its insulating and water-resistant feature makes it suitable for different weather conditions.

Types Of Stucco Siding Finishing

When you contact us, we listen to your preference and assess your building and environment to determine the appropriate stucco siding to use for you. The traditional and synthetic stucco is the most commonly used type of stucco. The difference between these two is that traditional stucco uses cement, and lime while synthetic doesn’t. Siding is a type of finishing used on a building, and if you decide to use stucco for the siding material, there are varieties from which you can pick your choice. There is the Worm finish which synthetic stucco is used in creating this type of finishing. Another type of finishing is Dash which depending on your preference can be applied in different proportions. Other types of stucco siding finishing we can do for you include smooth texture, cat face, lace and skip and many more. Whatever the type of finishing you want, we can bring it to life for you.

Benefits Of Using A Stucco Siding

Using stucco as a siding for your building has its numerous advantages. Depending on your preference and the type of building you have, stucco might just be the right material to use as siding for your building. If you decide to go for a stucco siding, some of the benefits you get are that it is affordable and durable. It also requires little or no maintenance which saves you the extra cost of maintenance. It is also energy saving as it insulates your wall. Its flexibility also makes it a preferable choice as it can be molded into whatever shape you want, and you can add whatever color to it. Should you decide to go for stucco siding, call on us today.

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